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Make sure your Valentines Day is sweet! Come in to Bake My Day for treats! We have small heart shaped cakes, cupcakes, petite fours, and cut out cookies.

Kladdig chokladkaka med päron och pekannötter, 6 portioner. Tänk på att den ska vara riktigt kladdig när du tar ut den, då är den som absolut godast.

We custom make cakes & cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, stork parties, kitchen teas, themed cakes & cupcakes etc. For any and all of your cake & cupcake requirements!

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Southern, old-fashioned bakery where everything is made from scratch daily including layer cakes, pound cakes, cookies, squares and delicious savory foods.

A simple recipe for crab rangoon dip - resembles all of the flavors of crab rangoon filling. Serve with fresh won ton chips.

A simple no bake cheesecake made with cream cheese, whipped topping, lemon zest and raspberries.

Oreo cookie crumbs create the foundation for a creamy, fluffy no bake nutella cheesecakes that you'll want to eat with a spoon.

With this Pizza Spaghetti Bake, you can enjoy two family favorites in one quick-and-easy dinner.

This is a classic! No-bake Chocolate Eclair Icebox Dessert is creamy, delicious, and comforting. And it's ALWAYS a big hit!!

Welcome once again to the Moda Bake Shop Countdown to Christmas! My name is Jen Daly and I’m so happy to be here today to share my “Star Bauble” block.

Affectionately known as Boo to my friends, I opened bake-a-boo in 2006 and after 10 years of making cake dreams come true, hosting fabulous tea parties and releasing ...

This is a classic favourite at all South African braais: a potato bake with cream, cheese, mushrooms and the all-important packet of brown onion soup!

Håndlavet flotte kager lavet på bestilling, bryllupskage, konfirmationskage i København og omegn

Snowball Kiss Cookies I realized something today . . . something important. I don’t bake cookies very often anymore. It seems, VIEW FULL POST »

I've got this feeling inside my bones....it's SPRINKLES! Does that really surprise you though? I mean if I have anything in my bones it's gonna be sprinkles.

I used to make this with my mother when I was in high school. I didn't know where she got the recipe but it was the first cheesecake I ever tried and I loved it!

We as family and friends come together to celebrate life and all of its special moments. Traditionally, we eat cake to signify a celebration. Shake ‘n Bake was ...

Browse our extensive collection of baking recipes that includes thousands of recipes for cookies, cakes, cupcakes, breads, and rolls.

I love easy recipes! They are my favorite!! They are the ones I rely on almost every day so that I can actually get my husband and kids fed quickly and ...

How to Bake Cod. Cod is a white fish with a delicate, mild flavor and firm flesh. While you can prepare cod in a variety of way, baking it is quick, easy ...

Ireland’s favourite home baking brand, providing recipes, tips, inspiration and the finest quality baking ingredients since 1845.

I also want to share a second recipe for this easy Velveeta Breakfast Bake. Don't just just spoil dad at dinner, but spoil him the whole day by adding ...

An easy cookie for kids to make. Cocoa, peanut butter, and oatmeal make a chewy delicious cookie with some nutritional value.